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Steps to Preparing Quality Manual as per ISO 9001:2015 Standard

Quality Manual – ISO 9001 Manual is a typical form of main document used in drawing up and implementing a quality system. It is expected to provide an adequate description of the Management intention to fulfill system requirement while serving as a permanent reference for implementation and maintenance of the system.

Steps to be followed while preparing ISO 9001 Manual

ISO 9001 Manual

  1. An ISO 9001 Manual should be first evolved by the Chief Executive. He can take the help of senior managers.
  2. A person from the steering committee who is from the top management should write the Quality Manual. In most of the cases, the management representative writes the manual.
  3. Based on the company’s ISO 9001 Quality Policy, the broad objectives and activities for each department have to be decided and fitted into the relevant clauses. For this, the department heads should give draft write-up of the activities in their department. Then it should be meticulously scrutinized to ensure that the system is sufficient to achieve the company’s Quality Policy objectives or benchmarks. The clauses applicable to each department of the company are identified.
  4. Organisation chart should be chalked out and the responsibility and authority of each personnel mentioned in the organisation chart should be documented. Personnel authorized to take decisions must be included in the organisation chart. Preparation of the chart will help in identifying and documenting the responsibility for activities under each clause.
  5. A suitable numbering system, department wise and clause wise should be decided which can be made applicable to the remaining tiers of documentation. This will help in cross-referencing ISO 9001 quality manual with other tiers of documentation like, procedures, work instructions and records. It is very important that all the tiers should have cross linkages with each other.
  6. No confidential document / procedure should be included in the Quality Manual because it is an open document.
  7. After preparing the draft of ISO 9001 Manual it should be circulated to all department heads to ensure that there is no discrepancy or that no important activity it left out.
  8. After their approval, the final draft should be prepared. The final draft should have company name and logo, issue number, issue date, controlled-copy identification on each page, page number and signature of preparing and approving authority.
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How to Keep Your ISO 9001 Manual Relevant?

ISO 9001 manual

The first step in building an ISO 9001 Quality Management System is the creation of a “Quality Manual“. This is a separate and distinct step from developing quality procedures. The aim is to establish, in a short and concise format, the policies and objectives of the company required to achieve a desired level of quality for the organization or division.

ISO 9001 manual should be the document where the organization itself, its quality management system, and even his way of thinking and this quality management approach.

What should your ISO 9001 manual contain?

How you can define the contents of your ISO 9001 manual, include only what is useful for your company. So what should you write in the ISO 9001 quality manual? Add the information that will guide current and future employees as they build the business you imagined:

  • The objectives and vision of your company: To set the tone for your ISO 9001 manual, start with the answer to a question: Why does this company exist? Remember, your company does more than just making a product or providing a service. Its purpose involves improving people’s lives in a specific way. Figure out how, and write that down.
  • Products and services: For any product you create or service you fulfil, define the process behind it in the ISO 9001 manual. The quality depends to a large extent on consistency, therefore, clarify your expectations.
  • The definition of quality management system of your company: By itself, the word ‘quality’ is vague. Specifically define what is important to your client.
  • The relationship between different departments: Few products come from just one department. Be sure to define how different parts of your company work together. The easiest way to do this is with a clear flow chart.
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Objectives of ISO 9001 Quality Manual

An ISO 9001 quality manual is written to explain a company’s International Standards Organization quality management program. It’s many sections describing the scope, procedures, processes and news procedures of the program. The quality manual could be a handbook and reference for workers and managers concerned within the program.

Quality Management System

The quality management system section of the ISO 9001 manual provides general data regarding the company’s program. It includes ISO 9001 documents and descriptions the management of these documents. It conjointly includes news procedures.

Management Responsibility

The management responsibility section of the manual outlines the company’s commitment policy because it pertains to a quality management program. The section provides goals and objectives for the program. It conjointly outlines the responsibility of every management level.

Product Comprehension

The product realization section of the manual is a very important side of the program. This section explains the method of the product, the design, development, production, purchasing, delivery ways and also the client. The section outlines the controls and activity devices in situ to guide production.

Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

The activity and analysis section of the quality management manual includes product activity processes, client satisfaction, improvement processes, news and documents. It conjointly includes the inner audit method.


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What to Include in ISO 9001 Quality Manual

What is ISO 9001 Manual

The ISO 9001 manual for quality management system certification is first tire document required for ISO 9001 documentation. ISO 9001 manual contains clause wise details for how ISO 9001 systems is implemented.

ISO 9001 Manual should covers list of quality procedures, company profile, amendment sheet, product realization, index, resource management, sample quality policy, organization chart as well as clause wise details as per ISO 9001:2008 requirements for implementation of Quality Management System.

ISO 9001 Manual for ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 manual for quality management system certification contains:

  • List Of Quality Procedures
  • Glossary Of Terms
  • Process Flow
  • Quality Policy
  • Organization Structure
  • Company Profile
  • Table Of Contents
  • Control And Distribution
  • Quality Management System
  • Management Responsibility
  • Resource Management
  • Product Realization
  • Measurements, Analysis And Improvement

Sample ISO 9001 Manual

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